An escape room is an adventure and mystery game where participants are placed in a room and need to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape. It’s an immersive experience where teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills are put to the test. Players have limited time to find clues, crack codes and uncover secrets, all while the clock is ticking. As well as being fun and challenging, an escape room also provides a sense of adrenaline and excitement as participants approach the final solution. It is a unique form of entertainment that attracts people of all ages and offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

FAQ - D3 Escape Room

What is an Escape Room?

If you are between 0 and 99 years old, you can play our Escape Rooms! No..wait..... if you are curious to play one of our games and you are over 100 years old, we can also welcome you. Escape Rooms are for everyone! : )

How old do I have to be to play?

Do I need prior knowledge to play?

Nope! The only thing you need to know to be able to play is that you will have a lot of fun in our games with your friends and/ or family!

Payment is made on the day of the game, after the activity. We do not accept ATMs, so payment can be made in cash or bank transfers.
We are not yet accepting hugs as a form of payment, however we accept as a tip! : )

When do I pay? What are the payment methods?

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Yes! Otherwise you can reach one of our stores and find all the games occupied. You can choose one of our games and make the reservation by clicking here or by phone.

At least two people. The maximum capacity depends on each game. The STRANGER ROOM has the maximum capacity of 10 adult players per game and the rooms GUILTY - ASSAULT TO THE POLICE STATION and CAPTIVITY - THE "GAME"; can be played by up to 6 adult players. In the case of children-only groups, it is possible to add one participant in addition to the maximum number of the room. If you have a larger group, contact us.

How many people are necessary to play?

Our rooms are completely safe. Anyone can leave the game at any time if they want or in case of an emergency. The Game Master is also watching the game through cameras installed in the rooms to ensure your fun and safety. The only danger of playing one of our Escape Rooms is getting addicted to this kind of games!

Is playing an Escape Room dangerous?

What are the prices?

Prices start at €12 per person, however they will depend on the chosen game and the number of players in the group. Price tables can be seen on each game page: